The Lighting of the city, 8/13/1892

The Lighting of the city

August 13, 1892


The New Company Intend To Utilize a Big Water Power Out On the Hominy and Promise to Give Plenty of Light

A deal in electric light affairs has been consummated whereby the city’s lighting contract goes into now hands. A lot of money will be spent by the new contractors to make the thing a success. The deal is between the People’s Light, Heat and power company and the West Asheville Improvement company, and the city government is an acquiescent third party. At yesterday’s meeting of the board of aldermen the People’s company was given a two years’ extension, till 1897, of its present contract.

By the agreement between the two companies the contract is transferred from the People’s Light, Heat and power company to the West Asheville Improvement company.

The water power of Hominy creek will be developed on a large scale. A stone dam 30 feet high and 250 feet long will be built on the Stevens site, five miles from Asheville and two miles southeast of Sulphur Springs. This site was purchased by E.G. Carrier last spring. The plant will be located here and machinery enough will be put in to run 150 arc lights and 4000 incandescents and to supply 300 horse power for motor purposes. The cost of this, it is stated, will approximate $200,000. Work will begin next week

It will require some time to complete the new plant and Mr. Carrier says that for the present the city lights will be furnished from the plant of the People’s company. A fifty light machine will be put in at the power house of the West Asheville and Sulphur Springs railroad in a few days and this will contribute to the lighting of the city until January 1, when the new plant will be ready. The Thompson-Houston system is to be used when the plant is finished.

The Lighting of the City, 8/13/1892. Newspaper account of the transfer of Peoples Light, Heat and power company to the West Asheville Improvement Company

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